Monday, January 19, 2015

Why I'm Up Past My Bedtime

Dear John,
It's almost 10:30 so I'll be brief tonight. Father came over for our house blessing this evening. I so love being Orthodox! Every year he comes and blesses the house and me and the critters, and then sits down and talks to me to be sure I'm doing okay. Before he leaves, he takes chalk and writes the date under the others, on the wall behind the front door. We have quite a long list there now. I don't want to re-paint that wall because I'd hate to lose the list.
The parish is growing by leaps and bounds and lots of babies. We have more young families coming in, too. I know I keep saying how wonderful it is to have so many children, but I remember the days when Austin was the only one. Now he's graduating from high school this year and we're overrun with little ones. It's a joy and a delight.
And bless Father - he wants me to be there on Sundays because he knows it is good for my soul, but he understands fibro the best anybody who doesn't have it can. And he knows that I want to be there, too. It is so good to have his support and understanding. Today I've felt a bit better than I did yesterday, but still not good. It was an unusually slow Monday, and I was glad.
Now I need to get some sleep. It's already an hour past my bedtime. I'll turn the light off before I turn into a pumpkin.
Love you great huge bunches,

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