Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Baffling Eccentricities

Dear John,
The snow storm arrived on schedule, so I slept in and stayed home. Now it's blowing and drifting and wreaking general havoc on the county roads. Your little family is safe and warm at home.
I did a bunch of small chores today. While we were all piled up in bed this morning and the cats were sleepy, I trimmed their toenails. Abby won't let me do hers, but she uses the scratching post so much that I don't really need to. Hunter and Maggie seem to enjoy it. After my shower I washed the sheets, blanket, and bedspread. The bedspread is still in the dryer - it takes a long time. "Washing" is really a euphemism for removing animal hair. The lint filter always looks a bit scary after sheet-washing day.
Then I emptied the dish washer, had a bowl of raisin bran, turned on the television, and found Duke was playing St. John for Krzyzewski's 1000th win. He's the first Division 1A coach to reach a thousand. It was a good game without that, but the milestone made it special. One of the best things to come of the four years I worked at Duke was my love for Duke basketball. You may want to pull up the game and watch it. It was a bit of history.
I asked Jen and Bob to stop over because I had a new bottle of lamp oil that I couldn't open. They changed the packaging a few months ago, and I haven't been able to open one single bottle since. The next bottle I buy, I'll have Lynn open before I leave the store. Anyway, Bob got it open easily - testosterone at work. When they pulled up I was on the phone with your sister. I had a glass of milk in my hand when Jethro saw the car. He jumped up and sent the milk flying everywhere. After Jen and Bob left, I cleaned up the milk, changed, and put the clothes in the laundry. And I called Irene back.
Jim and Irene are leaving Friday for a week in the Keys. They're staying in Tavernier this time. I told her to be sure to eat breakfast at Annette's and to try the Islamorada Fish Company. We had such a good time when we went there. We always wanted to go back and do all the things we hadn't had time to do, like go to Dry Tortugas. Maybe one day I'll go back and do those things for you. The only place I think I will never go again is Mackinac. But you know that. There's no sense in torturing myself to that extent.
Wow - I just looked at the knuckle on my left index finger, and it's black and purple. I wonder what I did to it. You know I always have bruises that I can't account for. We used to joke that, if I ever went into an emergency room, you'd be arrested for spousal abuse, since one hallmark is bruises in different stages of healing. I think you're safe now. But I still manage to injure myself and have no memory of doing anything to earn the injury. I have no clue what happened to my knuckle.
You loved me in spite of my tendency to self-destruction. Thank you for that, and for loving all of my baffling eccentricities.
Missing yours,

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