Monday, January 5, 2015

Of File Cabinets & Furnaces

Dear John,
Winter has arrived. The temperature was zero when I woke up this morning, and never reached double digits. Last night I left the cabinets under the sinks open for the first time this winter, and I probably won't close them for a few days. Don't worry - I made certain they were cat-safe.
I'm in the drive-up at work, which isn't insulated. But today the heat in the back half of the building was out, so the drive-up, Mark's office, and the restrooms and break room were freezing. Mark and I have space heaters so we did okay. But the break room was so cold that I ate in the drive-up. It's good that I'm the one back there, since the hot flashes keep me way too warm and my internal thermostat is broken and I'm always comfortable when everybody else is cold. This can be an advantage.
I got to be anal retentive today. The loan files have always been kept together in two four-drawer file cabinets. But in the new building, each loan officer will have a file cabinet. So I've started separating them according to loan officer, which involves looking each loan up on the computer. I got through three drawers today, and hope to do better tomorrow. This is a good week for it. The weather is keeping business slow, and tomorrow is Amish Christmas.
The good news is that the watch was cancelled. It turns out that the storm is going south of us. They were calling for several inches tomorrow, but now we're expecting only about three. I am happy. I don't have to shovel if I don't want to, since I can walk anywhere I need to go. But we're expecting lows around -10 with wind chills of -40, and I'd rather not walk to work in that. Today I got out the red parka you gave me twenty years ago. It's still wonderfully warm - thank you again for that. You kept me warm again today.
Come by tonight or tomorrow night! You can check out the new flannel sheets, meet the cats, and cuddle with Jethro and me. We can all keep each other warm on these next cold, cold night.
Cold without you,

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