Saturday, January 17, 2015

Plan B: Never Stop Dreaming

Dear John,
Weekend work is back to normal - I had a hundred transactions in four hours. It was a busy day. Connie is back and Emily is in labor, and we anxiously await news. I came home and ate lunch - I had put green beans, potatoes, onions, and pork chops in the crock pot this morning, and it was wonderful. Then I dusted, straightened, and did some major organizing and sorting. I don't want to leave too much of the weekend housework for tomorrow; after church I will be planted in front of the football games. I'll have lots to tell you about tomorrow night.
Since I didn't see you last night, I'm assuming you can't manage things so that we can live in that lovely house together. So we're on to Plan B. The WFFs have decided to live there. It's bigger than the last one we wanted to live in, and our little group is bigger now. So we need the space. As before, we have no idea where it is and somebody else owns it. There are some small impediments. But we can all look at the photo and think about sitting together on the front porch having iced tea and cookies.
And that's what we really are - no matter that we're scattered around the world, we're still together. You should give notice to all our guys: when we get there we'll spend some time with you first, but then we women are going to go off on our own for a while. You can all batch it occasionally while we have girl time. I imagine Heaven has iced tea, cookies, and big front porches. If we women don't get our time physically together here, we'll wait and have it there. And if that house is in Heaven, we can all live there. Each couple can have their own room, and we'll all share the front porch. And the iced tea and cookies, of course.
It's a lovely dream, and we all need to have dreams. The only one I have for this life is to one day drive the Blues Highway from Memphis to the coast, and stop at each juke joint along the way. Now I've added to my dream of being with you again - I want all of us to be together. I want to sit on that front porch in Heaven with all my widowfriends and drink iced tea and eat cookies and have all of us and all of you there together. Could you start working on that? Between all of you guys, I'm sure you can pull it off and have it ready for us when we get to come join you.
Dreaming of you,

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