Sunday, January 4, 2015

Should Auld Stoneware Be Forgot?

Dear John,
It's back! Today I brought our old stoneware home from Jen's. She's doing well. She still has some loss of vision and occasional difficulty finding words, and will be in therapy for a while. Mostly she's exhausted. So Willi and I went over and did housework for her today. For a while I'll be taking Elyssa to school and bringing her home, and whatever else is needed.
When Jen moved out and didn't have any kitchen equipment, I gave her our old dishes. I think I told you that. Well, she just got her own set so I have ours back. And it feels so good to use them again! They're completely 1970s, and I'd probably hate them if I didn't love them. But they're wonderful to me.
Not quite ours, but so close!
When we first got engaged, the grocery store near my parents' house had a special give-away on stoneware. So all the neighborhood ladies went together and collected dishes for me - twelve place settings and all the serving dishes, bless them! We used them for twenty years. Then the three of us were at Kohl's and I saw a set that I really liked. Jen got me four place settings for Mothers' Day, you got me more later, and we used those. I'll still use them for summer. But I so love the old ones! They have so many memories - of our early years, the places we lived, the friends who ate off of them, the ladies who got them for me and are all gone now. Those dishes make me happy.
So now I have to find/make room in the kitchen for them. And it will be good - this will force me to go through the pantry and clear some stuff out. I foresee a trip to Goodwill with boxes of stuff. I'm still paring the kitchen down to what I need for only one person. It's gradually turning into your mother's kitchen. And it even has her Hoosier cupboard in it.
But the dishes are all ours. And I'm glad to have our old ones back. I don't care if they look dated - so do I! We'll be out-of-date together. Now all I need is for you to come and eat off of them with me!
Come for dinner tomorrow?

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