Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sin and Misery in the Air, People Dying Everywhere

Dear John,
And you know exactly what that means: Happy Birthday! We always loved that song that Kyle and Becky taught us:
Happy birthday! (grunt)
Happy birthday! (grunt)
   Sin and misery in the air,
   People dying everywhere.
Happy birthday! (grunt)
Happy birthday! (grunt)
I still love it. And I love you. And I celebrate your birthday because, above all events in the history of mankind, I am glad you were born. It's still sad to spend this day apart from you, but my joy in your existence trumps the sadness of separation. So, happy birthday!
And today is Kyle's birthday, too - his second birthday, his birth from earthly life to Heavenly. That is much harder to celebrate down here. When we all get there with you guys, then we'll be able to celebrate it. But not quite yet.
So this is a day of celebration and mourning, not unlike the rest of life but a bit more acute for this twenty-four hour period. Go have a piece of birthday cake with Kyle and celebrate. And don't forget to pray for your wives. We'd be with you if we could. Save some cake for us!
Eternally glad you were born,

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