Sunday, January 18, 2015

Soft Sheets & Gratuitous Sock Information

Dear John,
It's been bad fibro day and the football was just as bad. Be glad you missed it.
It was one of those days that clothes hurt my skin and sounds hurt my ears. I got up early, hoping to go to church, and was hurting too bad to get back to sleep. But I slept a good bit of the day on the couch. The good thing was that I got a fair amount of knitting done. I started the first sock for Jim's birthday. He particularly liked the pair I made for AJ for Christmas, so I'm making another pair for him. It's taken some finagling - the original pattern is for a women's medium. I made it a little longer to fit a men's small. But Jim has big feet, so I'm using the gauge, needle size, and cast-on number from another pattern and knitting it in the pattern he liked. It's working well so far. Most of the brain work had to happen before starting it. I'll have more figuring to do at the heel, but this pattern uses a simple heel so it shouldn't be difficult.
Well, that's more information than you ever needed about a sock, isn't it? You were always so interested in the things I was interested in. And I was the same with you - I never cared about golf or chess, but because I was interested in you and in your interest in it, I learned about it and came to find it interesting. And so you taught me the history of golf and I taught you about the color wheel, and we both became better-rounded people. I miss talking to you about these things so I come there and tell you all about the socks I'm knitting. And you still listen, probably with that same half-smile on your face and the love in your eyes.
I'm going to turn the light off now - I'm having a hard time staying awake. I'm in my softest flannel nighty and sleeping on my softest flannel sheets. Please pray for me that the covers don't hurt and that I can sleep, and that I'll feel better for work in the morning. I'll miss you between these nice, soft sheets!
Adore you,

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