Friday, January 23, 2015

The First Forty Years

Dear John,
Do you realize that I've been in love with you for forty years? Yep, forty years. Among other things, that means that I'm not in my twenties. That is, unless I've loved you so much that I got double credit for it.
The number is a bit mind-boggling, isn't it? But I knew from the first that it would be for life, and so it is. It's already been for all of your life; now it will be for the rest of mine. Death hasn't ended our relationship. It has created some communication challenges, but the essential relationship is unchanged. And because the separation is temporary, I will love you for much longer than forty years. I will be able to love you for all of eternity. (As we've noted, "until death do us part" is for wimps.)
Now I'm in the next-to-the-last frame of this photo. One day I will rest with you under our headstone and live eternally in Heaven with you. And we'll look back and realize how short forty years really is.
Yours forever,

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