Friday, January 30, 2015

The Tragedy of Manless Feet

Dear John,
It was a busy Friday and my feet hurt up to my hips again. I really believe I'm headed for surgery on my right foot. It's not unexpected - until I was grown and married, all women's shoes had pointed toes. It wasn't that we weren't smart enough to wear something else - there was nothing else. Tonight my right foot hurts so much that I jumped when Jethro tried to lick it. Poor baby, I scared him. Now he's lying across my ankles to protect me.
It was busy today. We're still one person short, Emily had her baby yesterday, and Amanda is out with a sinus infection. There were some lines but it all went well. Tammy and I were in the drive-up, and that's always good.
This is my weekend off this month, so I'll go to the farmers market and the co-op tomorrow morning. I'll buy cheese and jam from Fritz, see if there are any eggs left, check out the hydroponic salad greens, and look at soap at the Soapy Gnome. I'll run by Meijer for cat food and ground beef, and get bread and yogurt at the co-op. It will be a fun morning. And I can be comfortable in jeans, Nikes, and a bandana. I hope my feet feel better.
Tomorrow afternoon the snow is supposed to start. We're expecting 6-12 inches between tomorrow afternoon and Sunday night, with blowing and drifting. I'm hoping to get to church, but I won't if the forecast is accurate. County Roads 40 and 38 will be a mess with that much snow and wind. I'll go if I can, but I'll stay safe.
Maggie is healing quite well from her spaying. Wednesday and Thursday I left her confined in the bedroom when I went to work, with a litter box and food and water, and when I got home both days she was asleep on the bed. Now Abby has stopped hissing and growling at her and she's acting completely normal. So I gave her the run of the house today and all was well. Next Thursday I'll take her to get her stitches out, and that will be the end of the process until Jethro finds his next kitty to rescue.
That was a hodgepodge of miscellany, wasn't it? It's just my day. And you listened to me tell you about my day for almost forty years, so you're accustomed to it. When you come tonight, bring some mint lotion and rub my feet. That always put me straight to sleep.
My feet miss you,

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