Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The White Knight is Talking Backwards & the Red Queen's on Her Head

Dear John,
It's been a strange day. Weather-wise, we had freezing rain, then snow, then fog. Area schools started with a two-hour delay then cancelled. I had no trouble driving to work; the excitement was walking from the parking lot to the bank. All that weather gave us a very slow day. My fibro flare seems to be winding down, so I actually felt human today. It was nice.
Everything was upside-down last night. I dreamed that Jen came over, looked into the kitchen cabinet where I keep the glasses, and said they weren't organized right. So she took everything out and rearranged it, and told me I needed to be more organized. (When I told her about it, she said, "Me, organize something?!?") Then there was a long, complex dream that kept coming back to your mother sneaking away to go play with kittens. By morning I was on the lookout for the White Knight and the Red Queen.
Tomorrow morning I'm taking Abby in for her yearly vet check-up. Poor thing, she so hates riding in the car. Every time she's been, she cried all the way there and all the way back. None of the other animals minds, and the dog loves rides. But Abby won't be happy. And everybody else will be worried until I get her back. They don't like being separated, bless them.
I'm off to bed now. I'm still trying to get as much sleep as I can so this flare will completely go away. I do hope to dream right-side-up tonight!
Your upside-down wife,

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