Sunday, February 22, 2015

100 at Rupp Arena!

Dear John,
I've had a lovely evening. I watched Duke win at 4:00. And at 7:00 I watched Kentucky beat Auburn 110-75. It's the highest score in the SEC this season, and it was Calipari's 100th win at Rupp Arena. And you have to give us (meaning all the UK fans) credit - when the game was over there were still no empty seats. It was a fun game to watch. They're 27-0 now.
I love watching games at Rupp Arena, partly because we never missed a home game for three years. My first two years we played at old Memorial Coliseum. It was a lovely place, but not air conditioned, so games could be a little rough. I went, though, to almost all of them. But when they built Rupp, it was amazing. There really isn't a bad seat in the place. A couple of years ago there was talk about replacing it with something that could seat more people. The suggestion elicited a fan-base-wide uproar, and it seems that the idea has been shelved. I would hate to see it go. 
The only other thing is that I need you to come and deal with the dog for me before I kill him. It's been warm today - teens above zero - and he has wanted to go out every half hour all night. I hope he's gotten it out of his system until morning. When he does this, it seems that he goes out to come in and comes in to go out. You're much more patient with that than I am. Can you come and give me a break for a while?
It's after midnight now. Jethro and Hunter are asleep on the bed with me, Abby in the office window, Maggie in the living room. They'll all be here as soon as I turn the light off. Bless their hearts, they love me. I took a nap on the couch this afternoon and Hunter came and lay on me and slept with me. I've had each of them asleep in my lap tonight. They don't make up for not having you here, but they do make life so much better. I love my furbabies.
And I love you, with all my heart!

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