Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Energy Attack Put to Good Use

Dear John,
I had an energy attack today and tried to make the best possible use of it. Once again, the only way to tackle this is chronologically.
What was happening at Meijer today . . .
The first errand was to the farmers market. I got cheese and onions from Fritz and a candle from the Soapy Gnome. Then I went to Lowes and got a new piece of glass cut to replace the broken piece in a picture frame. I had a junior burger at Wendy's. Then I went to Meijer. That was probably a mistake.
I was out shopping because today was my once-a-month Saturday off of work. The entire population of Goshen was there because the Super Bowl is tomorrow and we have a winter storm warning. John, every single register was open and each one had at least ten people in line. The lines went almost half-way to the back  of the store. I've never seen anything like it.  I just stood there and laughed. From there I went to the co-op for bread and yogurt - it was decidedly less adventurous and much more enjoyable. And I got the car washed.
After I got home and unloaded the car, I replaced a light bulb in the garage. Then I cleaned the inside of the car, which means I got rid of the animal hair and dog slobber. I went inside and washed windows, then went outside and replaced the screens I had taken out when I hung the wreaths for Christmas. It was an act of faith that it will one day be warm enough to open the windows again.
At that point I was on a roll, so I kept going. I dusted, did two loads of laundry, scrubbed both bathrooms, and took out the trash. I hung two pictures on the living room wall. I had bought two new bathroom rugs at Meijer and put them out. And I did something that I may regret in a few hours: I gave the cats two toys that squeak. It's been fun to watch them play with them. I've never bought toys that make noise before. I'll let you know how it works out.
I'm learning something important. You know I've had trouble wanting to clean the house now that I'm not cleaning it for you. Well, I'm learning how important it is to do those things for my own sake. My morale and emotions are so much better when the house is clean and the little things are done, like pictures and bathroom rugs. I'm happier and everything is better. I need to remember that.
I'm not setting the alarm for the morning. It's snowing now and is the beginning of a severe storm. They're calling for an inch an hour tomorrow with high winds, so blowing and drifting. We're expecting a total of 12-18 inches by Monday morning. There's no way I'm going to try to get out tomorrow. I'll put a pot of chili on and watch the game. Richard is coming over, so I won't watch it alone. There will be good food and football. It should be a nice day. As always, if you can get a hall pass, come for a visit. Football and chili - can you turn that down?
I'll leave the light on,

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  1. You forgot to tell him you are cheering on the Seahawks.