Sunday, February 15, 2015

And One Unscheduled Onslaught

Dear John,
I woke up at 5:00 this morning and was cold. I went to the bathroom and found cold air blowing out of the vent again. I went downstairs, turned off the system, turned it back on, and still had cold air. I can hear the furnace trying to come on. I think the igniter may have finally died.
So I called NIPSCO, giving thanks that you put us on the furnace protection plan twenty years ago. They contacted J. O. Mory, who hasn't contacted me yet. I did laundry all day and the washer and dryer helped warm things up a bit. I thought about vacuuming, but today's high was +4 so it was way too cold the put the dog outside for half an hour. I ran the dishwasher and cleaned, trying to keep warm. But bless Facebook! I posted the news and that we were okay so far - still 57 inside - and friends came to the rescue. First Harold and Janice came by with a space heater, and while they were here Cindy came with another one and three dozen eggs. Now it's 64 and everybody is much happier.
You should have seen Jethro this afternoon before the space heaters came. You know he doesn't like cold. He apparently decided that it was too cold for my safety. I lay down for a nap since I couldn't get back to sleep after the excitement at 5:00, and he came and lay down on me. I was on my back, and the dog spread out and covered all of me but my head and feet, and we both went to sleep. He's so protective of me now that you're gone and he's the man of the house.
So between Jethro, Cindy, and Harold and Janice, I am nice and warm. I hope they come to repair it tomorrow - after that, it will be Thursday before I can be here to let them in. I'll be following up with NIPSCO tomorrow to be sure. The furnace is twenty years old, so it's entitled to have some issues. I'm just thankful that the repair will be free. Don't worry about your family tonight. We're plenty warm, and there are repairmen on the way. But I still miss your warmth under these flannel sheets.
Adore you,

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