Saturday, February 14, 2015

Calendar Onslaught: Day 2

Dear John,
I've survived another Valentines Day. Actually, there was no acknowledgement of the day in my life at all, and that is good. Most people's plans for the day got changed. And that leads to the big news: the weather.
We've had a blizzard most of the day. It started with system snow, then the lake cut in. There hasn't been a huge amount of snow, but a terrific wind turned the northern two tiers of counties into white-out. I kept hearing from customers that traffic outside of town was creeping along with the emergency flashers on. When I went home I got to Tiffany's, looked down the road, could see Doc King's clinic, and nothing after that. From our front windows I could barely see DeWayne's house across the street. There were pile-ups of twenty or more cars on I-69, US 30, and the bypass. It's nasty. This photo was taken today and sent in to WNDU.
We do excel at blowing and drifting snow here. County roads are drifted shut and visibility is near zero. Elkhart County has a Level 3 travel advisory and we have a Level 2, so church has been cancelled tomorrow, along with every other human activity. To make it more dangerous, wind chills are supposed to be -25 tonight and tomorrow, tonight's low is -6, and tomorrow's high is +5. I left the cabinets under the sinks open tonight, and with the basement under them they'll be fine.
Monday is the Presidents' Day holiday so I have two days off. Looking at the weather forecast, it will be a knit-and-watch-basketball weekend. Today I watched UK trounce South Carolina (please extend my sympathy to Mama) and Duke win a close one over Syracuse. I may get started on the taxes - it's that time. They will be much simpler this year and downright boring next year. I do have help if I need it even if you don't get Skype up and running, since Jen got your love of doing taxes.
Feel free to stop in and take a look at the taxes. The driveway is fine since our snow has blown to Albion. I'm putting beef stew in the crock pot in the morning, so Daddy may want to come with you. You're all welcome - the more, the merrier.
Always your Valentine,

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