Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold, Centipedes, & Cat Cuddles

Dear John,
The theme today was cold. It was -12 when I went to work this morning, and that wasn't the wind chill. The drive-up felt like a walk-in freezer. Neither space heater would come on when I got there. I thought we'd tripped a breaker, and I was right; Charley fixed it for me. I got both of them turned on since I was working with Amanda and she is usually cold. She's a lovely hothouse flower and I'm a native prairie weed, but today it was cold enough that even I had trouble getting warm. After a while we ran fast enough to stay nice and toasty.
I found this today and thought you'd like it. This is Jethro's goal in life. And it's what the living room looked like tonight. I was on the couch with Jethro at my feet, Hunter stretched out in my lap, Maggie on my shoulder, and Abby next to Jethro. It was a delight. But even with all those little heating pads and the green throw, I couldn't get warm. So I was terribly self-indulgent - I turned the thermostat up to 66. I'll probably have to turn it back down to get to sleep, after the critters and I get all piled up with the flannel sheets.
I'm working tomorrow so I'm going to bed soon. I'll rub my feet tonight and wish you were here to do it for me. You gave wonderful foot rubs, you know. You'd rub one foot then reach for the other. When you were finished with that one, I'd give you back the first one and say it was my third foot. Sometimes we'd go through quite a few feet. You didn't know you were marrying a centipede, did you? Thank you for rubbing all of my feet all those times. I appreciate and miss it. And I appreciate and miss all of you. Come rub my feet tonight?
Miss you,

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