Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crying & Spilt Milk

Dear John,
What we have tonight is crying and spilled milk, with no causative relationship between the two.
I've been missing you all day, more than usual, with no idea why. When I was getting ready for bed I was imagining what it would be like to go back to Mackinac without you, and burst into the first tears I've shed in a while. I started the dishwasher, let the dog out, fixed my bowl of Cheerios with a banana and my glass of milk, and came down the hall. I settled myself in bed with the laptop and cereal, and coughed. That's all - just one little cough. Maggie was drinking her evening milk out of my glass. The cough scared her, and everything on the bedside table went flying. That included a full glass of milk.
It is amazing how much milk a small glass holds. I had milk all over the bedside table - top, front and sides. There was milk on the floor, the rug, the side of the bed, my pillow, and in my bedroom shoes. And in the middle of all of it was Jethro, happily licking it up. I cleaned it all up while my Cheerios got soggy. It did make me stop crying. :Life with the animals is nothing if not entertaining.
About my day: I did reschedule the vet appointment and did go to work. Tomorrow is Friday so I'll be in early, and should try to get some sleep. I'll use another pillow. It's things like this that I imagine you don't regret missing. But we still miss you, even in the midst of spilled milk!
Love you more than dry pillows,

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