Monday, February 2, 2015

Demise of the Groundhog

Dear John,
Well, Sunday didn't go exactly as planned.
The weather did - by the end of the evening we had over a foot of snow and 35 mile-per-hour winds. I didn't even try to get to church. We were under a travel watch, the level just below what used to be called a snow emergency, where they want only essential traffic on the roads. I kept hearing the snow plow go by, then I'd look out and you couldn't tell it had ever been there. It was snowing two inches an hour for part of the afternoon.
My little Super Bowl party was cancelled. Besides there being no visible roads up here, snow covered the satellite dish and cut off television reception. I ended up watching the game streaming online. Sadly, I didn't get the same commercials that television had. Equally sadly, I did get the halftime show. It was a good game, though, the best Super Bowl game I've seen in a while. Ronda reminded me to tell you that I cheered for the Seahawks. Well, really I cheered against the Patriots. I'm sure you assumed that, but here's confirmation.
I've been home today, too. The bank texted all of us around 5:15 this morning that we wouldn't open today. And it was a good call. The schools and the plants closed, too. I did hear that the pharmacy was open. The sky was clear today so the sun helped clear the roads some. And somebody came by and plowed my driveway yesterday evening and again this morning, bless them! I got out around noon and got the front steps and walkway, and the three feet of the driveway nearest to the garage door. It was over two feet deep.
I've been glad to have the days to rest. The fibro made me pay for doing so much on Saturday. It doesn't help that Saturday follows Friday, when I'm so busy at work. I've had arm and shoulder pain bad enough to not let me sleep the last two nights. It feels a bit better today so I'm hoping for a good night's sleep without pain medicine. Bless my little feline vibrating heating pads! They help so much on nights like these!
If you come see me tonight, can you get snowed in? I have a big pot of chili in the fridge and a loaf of homemade bread, and a winter wonderland right outside the windows. But all I want is you.
Love you so very much,
PS - Phil saw his shadow today, so we're in for six more weeks of winter. Could you manage to get snowed in here for that long? Pretty please?

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