Monday, February 9, 2015

Dilemmas & Unprintable Words

Dear John,
The fibro flare continues. I went to bed last night early enough to sleep nine hours. But the dog woke me up at midnight to let him out, and I was hurting too bad to get back to sleep until after 3:00. I hurt bad enough today that the people at work could tell. But I did get there and had a good day. Now I'm up watching Duke beat Florida State. I won't stay up for the whole game - I need to try again to get some sleep - but I'm enjoying being able to see some of it.
The sleep thing is a challenge. The more you hurt, the harder it is to sleep. The less you sleep, the more you hurt. It's a nasty cycle. The best way I've found to break it is with Oxycodone at bedtime, but I don't have that option now, thanks to new laws. Joe gave me a prescription for 60 tablets almost two years ago and I'm just now out. But the government won't allow doctors to prescribe it anymore without an office visit. And I hate to take a day, go to South Bend, take up his time, and pay an office visit co-pay, just to get a prescription. I've been hoping something else will come along that I need to see him about, but I'm staying disgustingly healthy. I suppose I'll have to break down and make an appointment. What a nuisance. Laws like this don't make the drug any harder to buy on the streets. They just put an obstacle in the treatment of people with legitimate needs because of chronic pain. And you remember how much the round trip to South Bend increases my pain. [unprintable words]
That's all the excitement here. Jethro is asleep at my feet, Maggie in my lap making typing a challenge, Abby in the office window, Hunter on the bed. I need to round everybody up and get us all to bed. We love you so much, and we miss you. I'd sleep better on your shoulder with your arms around me. If you can manage it, drop by when I'm ready for bed and let me go to sleep in your arms.
Love you with all my heart,

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