Friday, February 27, 2015

Heavy Hearts & Cold Ankles

Dear John,
I was getting dressed this morning and felt cold air blowing on my ankles. Yes, the furnace is out again. I called NIPSCO at 6:15, got up with JO Mory before 9:00, and they're coming out between 8 and 10 tomorrow morning. They could have come today but there's no way I could get off work on a Friday to meet them. I have my new space heater, and Harold and Janice haven't picked theirs up yet, so we're doing fine. When I got home today the thermostat read 65, which is one degree warmer than I keep the house when the heat is working.
It's a bit discouraging. This morning I wasn't taking it in stride quite as well as I did when it went out less than two weeks ago. I felt better after talking to the people at work. It's amazing how much better everything is when you know somebody cares. And that's what women are all about: group moral support. It is good.
My heart is heavy tonight - Leonard Nimoy died today. When I was a child watching Star Trek, he wasn't just my favorite character; there were times that he was the only rational adult in my universe. I remember Daddy saying once that he was cold, hard, and unfeeling. I replied that he had feelings, he just didn't let them rule him, and my parents didn't understand that. But Spock let me know that it was okay to be me. I saw my ruthlessness and detachment in him, and loved him for it. Spock was a very important role model for me.
But you know all of this - we've talked about it many times. You always loved the Spock in me, and I thank you for that. I doubt that you'd have loved me without it. It's an essential part of who I am, and you loved every bit of me, bless you, even the parts that others didn't.
I'm sending you this photo to give you a smile. Isn't it lovely? Facebook is collectively weeping tonight. But it seems to me that this little nod to how important Leonard Nimoy was to all of us is in order, too. And remember, "God grant you many years" is just Orthodox for "Live long and prosper."
Adore you,

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