Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Burrowing Cat

Dear John,
There is strange behavior in your little family. Which is a normal thing for us. So maybe it's normal behavior? I'll let you decide. 
Maggie has decided that she likes to burrow under the  bedcovers. I woke up in the middle of Wednesday night feeling something odd at my back. I sat up and turned on the light, and discovered Maggie under the covers, thrashing around at the small of my back. She seemed very happy when I dug her out. I think she'd found her way under them and then couldn't get back out.
Now I'm sitting up in bed with the laptop, and here she is beside me, burrowing again. Do you have any idea why a cat would do this? Maybe you could ask Mama - she might know. She doesn't act like she's cold or afraid. She seems curious. Maybe she's just exploring.
I really have no idea. But the next time I feel something funny in the middle of the night, I'll know to look for a burrowing cat. Aren't you sorry you're missing all of this? I now we're sorry. Burrowing cats would be so much more fun with you here. It's another reason for you to come visit us - a new local attraction!
Leaving the light on,

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