Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow & Sore Feet

Dear John,
I had a crazy day. With us being closed yesterday, I did two days of work today. I had the number of transactions I usually have on Friday, didn't finish night drop, merchant deposits, and mail until 3:30, didn't get lunch until 2:00, and set a new personal record for cash through my drawer. And it all went quite well. Except for my feet.
I was limping by 4:00. My feet hurt up to my waist. I've taken Motrin in hopes that it will help some. Sooner or later I'll be having foot surgery; I'm hoping to delay it until we get moved into the new building and staffed for it. If you could get a leave of absence, I'd appreciate it. You could come and look after me for a week or two. It would be a lot of help and lots of fun. I can arrange the surgery around the easiest time for you to get away, if you need me to. So let me know what works for you, and I'll get things set up on this end.
It's snowing again. We have a clipper coming through tonight and are expecting another couple of inches, followed by freezing rain. This should be fun in the morning. I finally heard our snowfall total: 15 inches in 24 hours. You know the empty lot across from the pharmacy? The town is using it to put the snow that they plow. It's a great idea. By the weekend the piles should be big enough for sledding. We're expecting an inch or two every day until the weekend.
Meanwhile, your little family is safe and warm and eating left-over chili. I'm ready for bed now, and the animals are all riled up and running around. They usually settle down pretty quickly when I turn the light off. I hope they do tonight - I'm worn out and ready for some sleep! Tomorrow should be much slower; I believe we're all ready for that!
Sleep good, and let me know about that leave of absence. I'll wait to hear from you.
Adore you,

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