Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snow, Spoons, and FICO

Dear John,
The flare is over. I woke up feeling normal. Of course, what is normal for a fibromite would send most people to the ER. But it feels wonderful to me. It's amazing how much I enjoy my job when I feel good. Today has been a delight. I haven't had this many spoons in a day for a while.
It was an odd day. We were having our typical slow Wednesday when the weather forecast was changed; at around 3:00 they started calling for a couple of inches of lake-effect snow tonight and tomorrow. You'd think the date of the apocalypse had been announced. The entire town decided it had to get to the bank before the snow started. I had 98 transactions today, and 50 of them were in one hour and a quarter. There were lines in the lobby and in the parking lot. It felt a bit like there we were having a run on the bank. .
I'm off tomorrow and have a list of chores and errands. I need to get to the pharmacy, mail Jim's birthday present, drop off some dry cleaning, pay the water bill, then come home and pay bills. I'll wait to get groceries until I get paid on Friday. Maggie's spaying cut into this month's budget. Car insurance is due later this month, but I have the money for that tucked away in savings and ready to go.
Oh, I don't think I've told you this! You know that your death wrecked my credit rating. I told you about the mistakes that were on my credit report and the hassle of getting it all straightened out. A couple of weeks ago I checked Experien, and I've gotten my credit rating higher than it's ever been. I'm so proud of myself. It's still lower on Transunion, but that's because the bank doesn't report mortgages to them so they don't think I have one. Isn't it funny that your credit rating goes up when your home isn't paid for? I haven't figured that one out yet. I've increased my credit and identity protection since Anthem was hacked. I haven't been with them for a long time, but you never know.
So all is well with your little family tonight - we have enough spoons, we're ready for snow, and we have a healthy FICO score. What more could we want? Well, obviously, you. We're prefer you here in person, but we will accept Skype. Or the phone. Or texting. Or email. For you, I'd even get on twitter. How's that for the ultimate compliment?
The animals are slowly drifting onto the bed and falling asleep, so I'd better turn out the light and join them. Know that we miss you, but we are alright.
Love you more than life,

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