Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Attack of the Calendar

Dear John,
I had a busy day off - lots of chores and errands. That snow storm never got here. It's stuck over St. Joe and Elkhart Counties. I don't think this county ever saw a flake. It's been cold today but clear and sunny. That's the vagaries of lake-effect snow for you.
I'm braced for another calendar onslaught. Tomorrow will be 34 months since your death and another Friday the thirteenth. It seems inconsiderate on your part to have died on Friday the thirteenth. I'm aware, of course, every time the thirteenth of the month rolls around. But it hits a bit harder when it comes on a Friday. And Saturday will be Valentines Day - another date I do not enjoy. The good thing is that I'm working both days and will be too busy to think much.
Oh, remember that wretched time share at Myrtle Beach that my father refused to sell and insisted on leaving to me? We tried to sell it, were only allowed to use one realtor, and he wouldn't return our calls or letters. And, to add insult to financial hardship, no matter how many copies of the will we sent them, they refused to put in in my name but put in in yours. Well, after your death I couldn't continue to pay $3000 a year in fees and consulted with a lawyer. Since it was in your name, I informed them that you were no longer living, died with no assets, and no probate was opened. Now, two years later, I got a document from them saying that they would buy it back from me for a dollar. We won. It's over. And nothing is going against my credit report. It's being done as a sale.
And that's the last thing left hanging after your death. No, wait - that's wrong. There is one more thing. That's your 401K with Pizza Hut. I keep calling to report your death, being told I have to leave a message and someone will call me back, and it's never happened. I may have to turn that over to legal counsel, too. It isn't much money, but waiting 34 months is a bit ridiculous.
How's that for a hodgepodge of a letter? You can't say that I'm boring. Incoherent, maybe. But not boring. I'll be at work early tomorrow since it's Friday, and it's my turn to work late. So I'd better be getting some sleep. Come visit my dreams if you can, but not like last night. You're not very convincing as part of a kidnapping ring. The plot had too many holes in it. Come and let's do something fun.
Waiting for you,

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