Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Joy of Central Heating

Dear John,
Don't you love the photo? It's me, popping in to say hello.
I have heat again. It's wonderful. I love central heating. I think everyone should have it. There was a crack in the ingiter and it needed to be replaced. Now the water heater is on its last legs. I'll call NIPSCO about it next week, after this frigid air has moved on and the furnace crisis is over for them. We're expected to break our low temperature records this week, and more snow is on the way. You can imagine our excitement.
That's really all the news today. I had a very busy day at work and have stayed up way too late watching UK beat Tennessee in Knoxville. It was a good game. It's always good to see Tennessee lose, isn't it? I do hate that ugly orange floor. But then, we know that you can't get to Heaven in an orange canoe because God's favorite color is UK blue.
Adore you,

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