Monday, February 16, 2015

The Walking Dead Furnace

Dear John,
I'm beginning to understand the appeal of Daryl. Any man who'd gut a walker to see if he ate a little girl is alright with me. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go at this chronologically.
I called JO Mory this morning and found out that they'd told NIPSCO at 5 AM Sunday that they wouldn't be able to get to me until Tuesday so they'd need to have somebody else fix the furnace. I called NIPSCO and they said that they'd called Sears, who also couldn't get here until Tuesday, so I'd need to find my own repair service and they'd pay be back. I said that my choice was JO Mory, so they could go with them. I called JO Mory an hour later and they didn't have a work order for me. I called NIPSCO and they said that they did, too. So I made NIPSCO call JO Mory. It's all fixed now. And this is why I have unlimited minutes on my cell phone.
They're coming tomorrow; I'm working tomorrow; we're desperately short-staffed so I can't be here. I called the cavalry in the form of Richard, and he's coming. I gave them his number, wrote down the furnace's medical history, and gave Richard the bank phone number just in case. I may have heat this time tomorrow. If it needs a part they don't have with them, we'll have to do it all over again on Wednesday. I don't want to think about that.
I got the house cleaned while playing phone tag. When it was all settled - which was after 2:00 this afternoon - I sat down with knitting and Netflix. I'm still working my way through The Walking Dead and loving it. It's intense and often painful. Tonight I watched the destruction of CDC. When I was little I watched it go up and lived across the street from it. Seeing my home town in such a condition isn't easy sometimes. I'm into the second season now, and I have to hurry to be ready for the new one in a few weeks. Like my day, this show has to be taken chronologically.
Oh, there is one other bit of news. Last night Abby came and slept on me for the first time since she was a kitten. I woke up three times with her stretched out on my side. It was a nice treat. Hunter, being sensible, is sleeping on the bedroom rug right in front of the space heater.
And, thanks to said space heaters, we are all doing fine. This house really is wonderfully insulated - two space heaters are keeping the whole house quite comfortable. I'm thankful for friends who came to my rescue. I need to get some sleep now - Tuesdays after Monday holiday are notoriously dreadful. I'll wear comfortable clothes and be ready for a hectic day. And I'll hope to come home to central heating!
Love you so much,

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