Sunday, March 8, 2015


Dear John,
I'm improving. I can talk a little bit - very softly and not for very long, but it's progress. I've felt a little better today. I would have gone to work except that I had no voice at all this morning. I slept until noon again and had another hour nap in the afternoon. I'm trying hard to get over this.
The day was dedicated to basketball. At 2:00 Kentucky played Florida and won, to end the regular season 31-0. And the game was at Rupp Arena, which was a good way to end the season. Now they have the SEC tournament to go. This has been such a fun season and I'm sorry you're missing it. And now the real fun starts - the intensity of the tournaments, the annual sleep deprivation of March. While I'm not missing a game, I will miss you terribly.
Duke played Carolina at 9:00, which is why it's already tomorrow and I'm still awake. It was a good game. Carolina led for the first half, then Duke came out and played the second half with full-court pressure and disrupted Carolina's rhythm. They took the lead early in the second half and never relinquished it. They won in Chapel Hill, too, which makes it more of an achievement. And speaking of North Carolina, NC State beat Syracuse today for their championship. So a good time was had by two thirds of the Triangle area.
It's past time I went to bed. We have to spring forward tonight - that's another subject entirely. It's 1 AM, but really it's 2 AM as of 2 AM. Are we having fun yet? Daylight Stupid Time is upon us. Monday I will go to work in the dark again. Tomorrow I get to re-set all the clocks.
I won't complain about that tonight - I'll enjoy my basketball victories, assemble the animals, and get some sleep. I'll stay home tomorrow so I don't spread this to anybody else, so I can sleep in. And that's a good thing to do when Daylight Stupid Time arrives! How I envy you, living outside of time.
Adore you,

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