Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Chimera Cat of a Day

Dear John,
Today was like parts of two different days that were amputated and then grafted into each other. I'll let you work on that mental image. Picture a day that's like a chimera cat.
The morning was horse-sale crazy. Between the night drop and the merchant deposits, I ran until lunch. The afternoon was normal Wednesday, which means that not much was going on. This day had a split personality.
Meanwhile, the construction work continues. This morning they hauled away the rest of the broken-up pavement. Then they brought in fill dirt and filled the old dime store basement. In between they had the ceremonial ground breaking, complete with dignitaries.
I had a crowd in the drive-up this morning, working on how they would move it into the main part of the building in a few weeks. There was talk about the drawer, getting bullet-proof glass, whether there was an old window behind the bulletin board (I happened to know that there is), and lots of other issues. The good news is that they removed the periscope - the tube device that we used for the second lane. The builders couldn't have put it in a more inconvenient place if they'd thought it out with both hands for a fortnight, as Lord Peter's mother once said. The bad news is that, in the process, they cut the power to my computer. Since it was shut down without properly logging off, I couldn't get back on without intervention from tech support. It was a bit of a nuisance, but Brandon got things fixed for me. And all of this activity was during the busiest part of my day.
Now I'm tired and happy and ready to go to bed. I'm working my half day tomorrow so I'm not in until 9:00. I get to sleep in until 6:30, which is truly cause for celebration. After work I'll be making dessert for our carry-in lunch on Friday. Tell Mama that I'm making her version of Boston cream pie, with lemon pudding in the middle instead of vanilla. That will make her smile.
Oh, I saw Carl today and asked about that rooster. He says he didn't try to chase it. I thought he was too smart to go running around town chasing a rooster. Thank you again for bringing me to a town that has roosters running around in it.
Adore you,

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