Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Teabag of a Day

Dear John,
I'm back, still with half a hand. I'll try to keep it short tonight because typing really is a bear. But I just can't go to sleep without talking to you.
I spent the day in the sling. As you'd expect after a fall like that, I'm still sprouting bruises and I hurt more than I did last night. My right hand and wrist are gigantic; they weren't swollen yesterday, but I'm making up for it now. The best thing about this weekend is the basketball. I got to watch UK win today, and that's always fun. When I came down the hall, Carolina and Arkansas were tied and Notre Dame was just getting started. But I'm way too tired to stay up until midnight for them. I'm bracing myself - this is the kind of injury that can kick off a major fibro flare. So far, I just feel like an almost-sixty-year-old that fell down on concrete.
I talked to your sister today - she called me before I had a chance to call her. Bless her, she offered to come over and help out if I needed it. I doubt that I will unless I end up in a cast. But it is so good to know that I have people to call on if I need to. And talking was fun and gave me a lift. We laughed a lot.
I called NIPSCO about the furnace this morning, then talked to J. O. Mory. The tech and I agreed that the problem is in the mother board and it's time to stop pouring money into a twenty-year-old furnace. I got out the manual and gave him the model and serial numbers, went downstairs and answered some questions about the setup, and he gave me a preliminary quote of under $2000 including labor. NIPSCO will pick up some of it and Lenox has a rebate going right now, so I may get a new, high-efficiency furnace for around $1000. And my gas budget should go down a fair amount, so it will soon pay for itself. The plan is to have somebody come by and look at it on Monday evening then get the new one installed in another day or two.
Can you believe what a big girl I am? This year I'll be replacing the furnace, water heater, and roof, and all on my own without you. I'm glad all this didn't happen the first year after you died. Now I'm a lot more used to handling all this. But this is what Mama brought me up to be able to do, and one reason you married me.
Tell Mama for me how much I appreciate her teaching me how to take care of myself, my home, and my family. It was a bit unusual for the 1950s, but so was Mama. And thank you for wanting a wife who was independent and capable, and for encouraging me to be this way. I could do without the broken elbow. But that, too, will pass. It's a nuisance, not a crisis.
Nothing new has broken today, so I believe we're all doing well here. I'm following restrictions on the right arm and hand, hoping to avoid a cast and a longer recovery. But Melinda has offered to decoupage my cast if I need one. So all would not be lost.
It's past my bedtime, so I'd better turn off the light and go to sleep. I will attempt to have no more excitement for at least twenty-four hours. Think I can pull that off?
Adore you,

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