Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adventures with Mechanicals

Dear John,
I went back to work today and loved it. It was good to be back. I wore a quilting glove on my sprained right wrist and picked up an elbow glove at the pharmacy. They give me a little support, but mainly they remind me what I'm not supposed to do with that arm.
I missed a bit of excitement yesterday. It turns out that the parking lot was laid on top of sod, and that won't make a stable base under the concrete slab for the new building. So they're hauling out our dirt and bringing in new fill dirt. During that process yesterday they found an old copper water pipe - found it by cutting it. They got a temporary seal on it, and today they went exploring. It turns out that it runs from our building and has never been capped off. So our water was off for about an hour today and is off again until sometime tomorrow morning when a plumber will come out to shut off the line from our basement. We really  don't need the hole to turn into a lake - it's too cool for swimming and too warm for ice skating. All of this - the soil problem and the pipe - have set things back a week or more, but it's been great entertainment. And I get to watch all of it from my drive-up vantage point.
The people from J. O Mory came today when I was at work and replaced the furnace. I left the doors unlocked and Jethro gave them an enthusiastic welcome. The guy even took Jethro for a walk. He's a tired, happy dog tonight. And I'm a happy home owner. Our new thermostat is set on 65 and the house is so warm that I may have to turn it down. The heat is running so much less than it was. I can't wait to see the gas usage on the next NIPSCO bill. 
Oh, get this: You know the HEPA filter we had built into the house twenty years ago? When Joe took out the old furnace, he discovered that it had never had wiring run to it. So it's been functioning like a regular filter all these years. There are new accordion filters now that do about the same as that filter would if it were connected to electricity, so I'm just going to use those and save paying an electrician to come out and run wiring to it. It's too late to discuss this with the builder, I'm sorry to say. We've managed nicely thus far, so there's nothing to do but laugh about it. I just had to tell you that.
We're off to bed now. I'm not working tomorrow, so I plan to finish the taxes. Feel free to stop by for that. You're so good at taxes, and you know you love it. So come and give me a hand, spend some time, play with the dog, meet the cats. I'll even make you meat loaf and mashed potatoes! How's that for an offer you can't refuse?
Adore you,

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