Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Day, Another Bruise

Dear John,
Remember that I said last night that my hip was killing me? It still is. It kept me awake a good bit of the night, even after pain meds and Benadryl. It hurts enough that I'm shaky and my tummy is upset. So I stayed home today and I'll get it checked out tomorrow when I go back to occupational health. It hurts in the area of the head of the femur. And tonight I've sprouted visible bruises. I'm young enough that it's probably just deep bruising, and old enough that I have to be sure. How's that for midlife?
J. O. Mory sent a furnace tech out today and I made all the necessary decisions. I decided to go with a 95% efficiency furnace that, after the rebate, will cost less that an 80% one. And I'll get a tax break next year for the high-efficiency furnace. With installation and everything, it will be under $2000, and that's before NIPSCO chips in whatever they will. It's a good deal. My gas budget just went down $20 a month, and I can expect to see more of that after the new furnace is in.
I spent the rest of my morning working on finances, and the afternoon doing not much of anything. I slept a bit, and animals slept a lot, and there was an NCIS marathon. I hate not being able to knit. But I hope to get the right arm restrictions lifted tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on all my adventures and misadventures. I intended to be boring after my cold went away, but I've never been good at that. I'm glad you loved me anyway!
Your sore, unboring, soon-to-be-warm wife,

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