Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Commence the Catpresses

Dear John,
I went back to occupational health today for a follow-up visit. I'm having a good bit of hip pain so they sent me off for x-rays. Thankfully, it's just a deep bruise - nothing broken but my elbow. The sprained wrists and bruised hands are much better. The rug burn is still of no consequence whatsoever.
I got to see the elbow x-ray. The crack is in the radial head, and if it extends it will break off a chunk of the head. And that would be inconvenient, hence the restrictions on using my right arm. It seems to be healing well - I have no discomfort at all in the elbow. So I can be out of the sling as long as I'm not having pain. I can't lift more than three pounds or do any heavy work with it. But I can knit and go back to work, so I'm very happy.
I intend to make good use of the catpresses. There is research indicating that the purring of a cat speeds the healing of a fracture. And, as I have one fractured bone and three cats, the next step is obvious. I have already begun the cat therapy. This evening they all took turns lying in my lap and purring, and I had a prolonged cuddle with Maggie. She's still young enough that she loves to be held. She closes her eyes, lays her head on my chest, and purrs herself to sleep. I'm not lacking for purring catpresses.
There are still things I can't do. I won't be able to vacuum or work in the yard for another four to six weeks. But I can take two-handed showers and brush my teeth with my right hand. And I'm so thankful that I don't have a hip fracture. I guess I'm not quite elderly yet.
It's bedtime and the animals are wandering in and falling asleep on the bed. I believe I will join them. And, as always, there is plenty of room for you if you can get a hall pass.
Yours under the catpresses,

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