Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How I Went to Work, was Entertained, & Got a Headache

Dear John,
The big story of the day is the ongoing deconstruction taking place in preparation for the new bank building. Friday the old dime store came down, Monday they took out the basement and foundation, and today they took out the parking lot and the second lane of the drive-up.
It's all happening right outside my drive-up window - I have a front-row seat on the best free entertainment around. Today I learned about cranes and what they can do. It's wonderful how they combine power and delicacy. And I have great admiration for the man operating this one. He'd drop the head on the pavement to start breaking it up. Then he'd grab chunks of it, some several feet square, pick them up, put them on a big pile, and drop the shovel on them to break them up. And he'd take the same shovel, and very gently and precisely level out the ground. It was amazing. And when the dump truck got back, he'd load it up again with all the broken-up chunks.
The entire process was very loud, and the little drive-up addition would shake every time he dropped a hunk of concrete. They may not have to demolish it - it may just fall down on its own. By mid-afternoon I was getting a headache from all the noise and vibration, but aspirin took care of it. When I wasn't busy, I was glued to the window watching all of it.
In the meantime, there was a rooster running around downtown today. I saw it wandering through the library parking lot. Carl gave chase, but I never heard who won. That's something else that didn't happen when I was growing up in Atlanta. And everybody is talking about the weather - yesterday was near 70 with wind out of the south, today was 35 with wind out of the north. I didn't walk to work this morning. Taking the car appeared to be in order.
Well, that's all the news that is the news. Between the horse sale, the demolition of the dime store and parking lot, the weather, and the errant rooster, Topeka is staying busy. I'm more than ready to go to sleep - Jethro kept having to go out last night and I didn't get as much sleep as I hoped. It will be cold enough tonight that he should prefer to stay inside. Nobody would object.
Sleep well tonight, where there are no falling hunks of concrete to disturb you. There may be roosters running around in Heaven - I wouldn't be surprised - but that would be a good thing. And come visit my dreams if you can.
Adore you,

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