Sunday, March 29, 2015

It Was the Best of Games, It Was the Worst of Games

Dear John,
We won. With great difficulty in the last few seconds. Notre Dame played well. It was a shame anybody had to lose.
I do believe it was the best basketball game I've ever seen. It edged out that game between UK and Duke years ago. There were few fouls and fewer made free throws. If Kentucky had been able to hit a free throw, it wouldn't have been close. It would have helped it Cauley-Stein had had his head in the game. The encouraging thing is that they can play that badly and still win. I feel bad for Notre Dame, though. They played well enough to deserve to have won.
I had a spark of memory a few days ago. Remember that I'd told you that I had no memory of UK winning the tournament in 2012? I still don't remember the game. But I remembered that I called Donna when the game was over. You weren't doing well by then and I couldn't even text you. I had to be excited with somebody, so she and I talked for a while. She called after tonight's game and I told her that, and that it shows how important a place she holds in my life, that I remember talking to her and don't remember winning the championship.
I still shake my head over what I do and don't remember of the last three months of your life. At the end of 2012 I read a list of major news stories, and I had missed over two-thirds of them. Oddly, they didn't list your death. That is a terrible oversight, as your death was clearly the most important world event of the century.
You were my world from the day I met you. And you still are. I was sorry to not watch the game with you. But I managed to make enough noise for both of us. By the end, the animals were thoroughly peeved with me for staying up so late and making so much racket. Now they're all gathered around me in bed, waiting for me to turn off the light so we can all get to sleep. And I'm wondering how I can possibly sleep after that game.
Thank you for doing such a good job of being the whole world to me. Thank you for liking sports. Thank you for being happy to have a wife who likes sports. And thanks for taking me to that first UK football game where all of this started. Thank you for being you. Keep the light on for me!
Adore you,

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