Sunday, March 29, 2015

Learning to Fly, But I Ain't Got Wings

Dear John,
The Final Four is set: Kentucky will play Wisconsin, Duke will play Michigan State. All four games were thrillers. The weekend has been full of excellent basketball. Next weekend should be the same.
It's been good to have the games to watch. I'm not so sure Joe's steroid regimen is meeting with the approval of my respiratory system. I feel lousy, and I'm having more trouble breathing than I was yesterday. I'm hoping the antibiotics will catch up with the infection and turn things around. Actually, tonight I'm just hoping to get through the night without an ER visit. If I'm not  better in the morning, I'll have to miss work and go see him again. I'd love to fly without IV steroids, but it's been years since I could.
So tonight I'm trying to fly, but I don't have wings. I have steroids, but my body doesn't seem to be impressed by the oral form. I hope I can lie down and still breathe. If not, I'll camp out in your recliner tonight. That would confuse the animals no end. I hope to avoid creating critter consternation.
Sleep good, and pray for all of us. I miss you with all my heart!

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