Monday, March 30, 2015

That Look is Not an Empty Threat

Dear John,
I did get through the night - actually slept pretty well, with two stretches of getting up to get the coughing under control. I stayed home today and slept a good bit. I have hopes of getting to work tomorrow, but not of feeling particularly good. If I don't feel any better in the morning, I'll have to go see somebody about it.
This is frustrating. Getting over bronchitis has taken me over a week for years. With the fibro, I've learned to be content staying home and getting better when I need to. But now I have this full-time job, I have to work, I like to work, I need the paycheck, and people are counting on me to be there. So here's this photo to show you how I feel about it. I'm quite irritable and impatient with all the steroids and inhalers. So be warned; that look in my eye is not an empty threat.
To show you how serious this is, I haven't felt good enough to knit since Saturday. So I'm at home and can't even take advantage of all this good knitting time. I found an NCIS marathon on television and played Sudoku on my phone most of the day, alternating with naps voluntary and involuntary. And bless the critters, I had the revolving door in my lap all day. They took turns coming for cuddles.
Well, that was all quite incoherent, wasn't it? You always understood me anyway. I trust that you still do! Please say a prayer for my respiratory system tonight. I'll let you know all the latest tomorrow.
Your grouchy wife,

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