Sunday, March 15, 2015

UK and No Heart Attacks

Dear John,
I'm feeling much better tonight, and I'm doing fine so far with no prednisone since this morning. I think I have this thing licked.
I didn't wake up until 11:30 this morning. You know I need sleep when sunrise doesn't wake me. The animals must have been tired out, too. They didn't mind sleeping in. When I woke up, they all came and piled up on me. So I checked the outside world on my phone and did morning prayers in the company of warm fur.
I finally felt good enough to care about the housework, so I dusted, swept, vacuumed, and cleaned bathrooms before the SEC championship game. Kentucky beat Arkansas, won the championship, and remains undefeated. It was lovely. Oh, and Notre Dame beat Carolina last night. I did stay up for the game; every time I thought about going to bed, something exciting happened.
The bracket came out tonight but I don't have it printed off yet. Kentucky is the #1 overall and is in the Midwest. Duke is #1 in the South, Villanova in the East, and Wisconsin in the West. UK plays Thursday in Louisville. Now begins stress and sleep deprivation!
On the social end of things, Richard came up the hill for the second half of the game and I had a long talk with your sister this evening. It's good to have friends. Jethro has continued to want out every half hour to play in the mud. It was in the mid-50s today so I opened the windows a bit to air out the house, and immediately had a cat in each window sill. And I probably terrorized the neighborhood during the game. I just can't watch sports quietly. Actually, I don't do much of anything quietly, do I? I'm glad you didn't mind me yelling during games. We were both so glad to be married to somebody that loved sports.
Jethro is asleep at me feet and Abby has come to cuddle, so I think I'll turn off the light and get some sleep. I'll try to stock up before the tournament starts. And hurry up with the Skype!
Love you so much,

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