Sunday, April 12, 2015

Earbuds, Mixers, & Feline Stampedes

Dear John,
Your little family had a lovely, peaceful Pascha. We got up around 8:00. I spent the morning doing some housework then paid bills in the afternoon. Between things, I knitted and cuddled with the animals. They had the usual Chinese fire drill in my lap.
It was cloudy but warm - mid-60s - so I had the house open until around 5:00. Television was lousy so I spent the day listening to the birds and the wind. I called Irene and had a good, long talk with her. Once again, thank you for having such a wonderful family! She and Jim are coming over the first weekend in May. I managed to switch weekends and get that Saturday off. And Friday will be Goshen's First Friday, so we'll get to go. I'm looking forward to it.
.  .  .  life before earbuds  .  .  .
I wanted to call her so that she'd be the first person I used my new earpiece for. You know that ear buds have never fit me - it seems that the holes in my ears are too small for them. They hurt when they're in and they keep falling out. So yesterday I spent ten dollars for some that fit over the ear. They're comfy and they stay put. I'm happy. And I got them in turquoise, which makes them even better. The phone is Bluetooth-ready, but I didn't want to pay more than ten dollars.
Speaking of saving money, I keep forgetting to tell you: Our hand mixer broke - it would only hold one beater - so I finally got a new one. I got a small Sunbeam for less than half the price of the rest. But the Sunbeam one we got as a wedding present lasted over twenty-five years and the expensive one lasted less than ten, so I got exactly what I wanted. I use the standing mixer for things like cookies. But I don't want to get it out to make a box of brownies. So we have a new mixer. And it's made so that you can stand it up on end, which is good. Other than that, it's just like our first one. And that was just like the Sunbeam mixer that I grew up with, that my parents got as a wedding present. There's a lot to be said for consistency.
And speaking of consistency, it's bedtime. The cats are off somewhere or other and the dog is lying right beside me. The cats all come running as soon as I turn out the light. So I'll do that, trigger the feline stampede, and get us all settled in for the night. Sleep good, and dream about me!
Adore you,

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