Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feline Predators & Anxious Canines

Dear John,
We did have rain last night with the accompanying canine anxiety. Poor baby, he forgets over the winter how rain sounds on the roof. In a couple of weeks he'll be used to it again. Last night I moved my pillow toward the foot of the bed and let him lie between the top of my head and the headboard, and he was quiet and content. The cats all shifted with me - we just moved the entire family twelve inches to the west.
I had a good day at work. It was a bit busier than the usual Wednesday, which is good because it makes the day go quicker. I think I've told you that Cherish is a regular customer and I enjoy seeing her. Today she asked how you were doing, and I felt so bad that she hadn't heard about your death. I explained everything and we had a good chat. She was so sorry to hear it. She was very fond of you. She's grown into such a nice young woman. You'd be proud of her.
I opened the house when I got home, and the entire family flocked to the living room windows. We're all really watching the bird feeders, but not with exactly the same interest. Jethro just likes to watch movement, I love birds, and the cats go into predator mode. Since, however, they are inside cats and are adequately fed, the birds have nothing to fear. I do enjoy watching them watch, though. Cats are capable of amazing focus and attentiveness that can last for hours at a time. And they forget about the pecking order question when it comes to birds; they all just crowd into the window sills together. I closed the windows when I came down the hall, but will open them again tomorrow because it's supposed to be in the 70s. We're expecting storms all day, but I'll open them from the top and we'll be just fine.
We're off to bed at the usual time even though I'm off tomorrow. The liturgy in the morning is probably the only part of Holy Week that I'll be able to go to,with my work schedule as it is, so I'll be getting up for that. I need to pick up bread and sliced cheese,  go to the post office, and come home and make about three hundred phone calls after church. Thank goodness for unlimited cell phone minutes!
Please pray for your dog the next couple of days. We have a supercell system headed right toward us. Strong storms are expected from now until Friday morning. He may end up getting Benadryl at night. Come and cuddle with us!
Adore you,

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