Monday, April 27, 2015

How I Didn't Die Today

Dear John,
I was almost one of the fatalities of a spectacular multi-vehicle, multi-fatality accident that didn't quite happen. Let's start at the beginning.
This morning was busy - a Monday on steroids. The sale barn had a riding horse sale Saturday morning and the Fire Department had a fund-raiser fish fry Saturday night. You can imagine how busy I was. Both went very well.
After work I absolutely had to make my monthly Walmart trip. I was completely out of necessities like peanut butter and jelly, and had to pick up some things for the weekend. I came and went on County Road 38 because part of 40 is closed for construction (I believe it's at the railroad overpass). I was driving east just this side of the State Route 13 intersection, right behind a tiny navy blue convertible that was going the speed limit. A minivan and an SUV had turned onto 38 right behind us. The maroon minivan zoomed up behind us, passed me, then passed the convertible, going between 65 and 70. The white SUV seemed to be traveling with it, and tried to pass both of us at the same time on a hill. It got even with the convertible and a car came over the hill. The convertible and I came to full stops as fast as we could without losing control of our cars, the oncoming car had just enough shoulder to get mostly off the road without hitting a telephone pole, and the SUV sneaked through. I really did expect all of us to die, but we didn't. Some experienced drivers kept their heads and we pulled it off without bloodshed.
When the convertible and I got about a quarter of a mile up the road, the minivan and SUV had pulled off the road and the drivers - two teenaged girls - were standing by the SUV hugging each other and crying. The driver of the convertible stopped to be sure they were okay, and they were. So we drove on, still going the speed limit but not getting passed anymore. We both drove to Topeka and the convertible turned left at the Baptist church. It's interesting that we both live here. I wish I'd had the chance to tell him that he handled it very well.
See what adventures I can get into by just doing normal, everyday things? I had that accident in 2011 just trying to go get my teeth cleaned. I really am amazed and thankful that nobody was killed. I wouldn't have given a nickle for any of our lives when that oncoming car came over the hill. God is good. I'm glad the teenagers are alright. And that little navy convertible is way too cute to lose in an accident.
Well, that was my big adventure for the day! Thank you if your prayers had anything to do with the outcome. Your little family is tired but unscathed.
Your in-one-piece wife,

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