Thursday, April 2, 2015

How I Had a Friday, Got Wet, & Scared People

Dear John,
It was just a normal working day. We had Friday on a Thursday. It only rained every time I had to leave the building. And I had people frightened all day by my coughing. Just an average day on the job.
Tomorrow's Good Friday and most of the town will be closed, so we had Friday today. Most people expect us to be closed tomorrow. But Good Friday isn't a Federal Reserve holiday, so we'll be there as usual. But not as usual, because we already got Friday out of the way. Everybody got paychecks today instead of tomorrow. There aren't any customers left out there for tomorrow.
We had some periods of downpour today and every one of them started just as I had to go outside. The first was when I was on my way to work; the second was when I went next door to pick up lunch; the third was when I left work. It drizzled other times. But those were our three periods of heavy rain. I would prefer not to be a meteorological catalyst. We had thunder early this morning and I ate breakfast with a terrified German shepherd in my lap. The storms have all gone through now, so we should get a good night's sleep.
I'm still coughing, still getting stuff up, and it seems that my coughing has everybody worried. They kept coming back and asking if I was alright. I hate to frighten people, but I'm glad they'd rather not have me die at work. I have provided a bit too much excitement lately, what with falling down and breaking my elbow in the break room. I told them that, if I'm coughing, I'm breathing. So I'm okay.
Tomorrow morning I have a check-up at occupational health at 8:00, so I'll be getting up at my regular time. Then I work from 1-5 in the lobby. And I'll try to have a slow, easy weekend and keep recovering from all this excitement. But today I finally feel better, lots better. The bronchitis is on its way out and I'll start tapering prednisone tomorrow. Someday my taste buds will recover. At least I've avoided NyQuil, so there are no dragons in the kitchen. There's just a dog and his three cats. That's probably enough wildlife.
All of this wildlife is ready for bed now so I'm ready to turn out the lights. Sleep good, with no coughing wives, leaping cats, or terrified dogs to plague you. Your little family misses you.
Adore you,

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