Friday, April 17, 2015

How I Misdiagnosed Myself and Kept my Clothes On

Dear John,
I thought I felt awful yesterday. That was nothing. Today I felt way on the other side of awful. Everything hurt - bones, joints, skin, everything, and I was nauseated and dizzy. It was one of those days that wearing clothes was terribly painful. But, out of consideration for innocent bystanders, I did keep my clothes on. It was a sacrifice.
I was blaming it on the fibro, of course. I actually threw up part of my lunch, and attributed the nausea to my high level of pain. Around 3:00 I got so desperate that I took two aspirin, knowing that it doesn't do a thing for fibro, but knowing that it couldn't hurt. And half an hour later I felt much better. Since fibro doesn't respond to anything less that heavy narcotics, I thought maybe the flare was on its way out. I finished my day, went to the grocery store, came home and fed the animals and myself, and sat down to relax.
And by 7:00 I was feeling beyond awful again. I had a bright idea and checked my temperature, and found it to be above 100. Well, no wonder I'd been feeling awful! And no wonder the aspirin helped. I have no idea what's going on. I just feel awful and am running a fever for no obvious reason. At least I know that aspirin helps.
This has been a good reminder for me. It's so easy for us fibromites to blame everything on the fibro. It does affect every part of our bodies, after all. But I was wrong this time. If I'd figured that out sooner, I'd have been taking aspirin all day and would have felt much better. It was a lesson learned.
So I'm off to bed now. I've taken more aspirin, and will take Benadryl when I'm ready to turn out the light. I'm planning to get to work tomorrow, especially since I'm back in my own little isolation area and not exposing other people to whatever-this-is. And I'm only working four hours since it's Saturday. I'd planned to mow and do yard work after work tomorrow - that may not happen. We'll see. I'll be sensible, I promise.
Correctly diagnosed and still clothed,

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