Sunday, April 5, 2015

Losing Teams & Female Dominance

Dear John,
I'm sorry I didn't talk to you last night. I got to bed at 1:30 after watching UK lose to Wisconsin, and I was too tired and bummed to be good company for anybody. Wisconsin deserved the win. We stunk. We actually looked worse than we did against Notre Dame. But it was a good run and I'm proud of them. Donna and I talked after the game and licked our wounds a bit. I won't be getting that 40-0 tee shirt after all. Duke won the first game so I'll cheer for them tomorrow night. Right now, I'm on the couch half-watching the Cubs opener against the Cardinals. The Wrigley Field remodeling looks good so far except that the bleachers aren't open yet.
I've felt and breathed better today. I haven't done much - it hasn't been what I wanted to do, but was what I needed. This week will be a challenge at work. They began demolishing my little drive-up home on Saturday afternoon. This week I'll be perched in a temporary corner at the back between the new drive-up area and the lobby, doing the night drop and merchant deposits as always and helping the lobby out when they need me. I'll have to set everything up and create functional order out of construction chaos when I get in. Of course, I do love bringing order out of chaos. The dust and noise will also be considerable. They're hoping I'll have my new window finished for Friday, but not promising until next Monday.
But it was a lovely day today, warm and sunny. It was our Palm Sunday and western Easter, and it couldn't have been a more perfect day. I've had the window open next to me this evening. I've had a nice, quiet, peaceful day. I put stew in the crock pot this morning and finished knitting a sock tonight. As usual, I've had the feline revolving door in my lap and the dog at my feet. Jethro has spent a good bit of the day outside enjoying the warm sun.
I have to tell you something funny that the cats did last night. You know Abby and Maggie have done some jockeying for the dominant female position. Abby was in my lap when Maggie came up and lay down next to her. Abby vocalized a bit then started grooming Maggie. Maggie ate it up for a while then had enough and wanted Abby to stop. Abby showed her teeth and hissed at Maggie, who calmly reached up, but her paw on Abby's nose, and pushed it away. Abby was quite affronted, got up, and went down the hall, making grumbling noises all the way. So far they seem to be sharing dominance. Abby eats first, Maggie can get Abby to move out of her way. And it's all remarkably peaceful, thank goodness. They really are fond of each other. Hunter just sits and watches tolerantly.
I need to get us all off to bed. I'd love to see the whole Cubs game, but it's getting late and it's on ESPN so it's foreign announcers. I did get to hear Wayne sing the national anthem - he's a treasure, isn't he? I have no idea how many times I've listened to that. It feels good to hear it again.
Your little family loves and misses you. Sleep well, far away from losing sports teams!
Adore you

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