Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Of Dogs and Dampness

Dear John,
We've had a lovely, cool, damp, rainy day. Everybody was glad it wasn't snow. We're all ready to be done with that for a while.
It started raining around bedtime last night. It's been so long since it was warm enough for rain instead of snow that Jethro had forgotten what it sounds like. So he spent the first hour of the night shivering and lying on my head. It didn't keep me awake, thank goodness. Hunter came and played with my hair for a bit, then curled up around the top of my head and went to sleep. Jethro put his muzzle over my face to protect me from the dire dangers of rainfall. Maggie spread her long self out over my ribs, and Abby cuddled up against Jethro. And we all got a good night's sleep.
It continued to rain and drizzle all day. The high was supposed to be in the mid-50s but the warmest I saw all day was 45. It was a good, slow, gentle rain - exactly what we need this time of year. We had trouble getting checks to scan; they'd been in people's pockets and were a bit damp. We were busier than usual for a Tuesday, maybe because of the weather. It was a good day.
We're expecting thunder storms tonight, tomorrow, and all day Thursday. I'm getting all of us to bed early in case the dog has us up part of the night. He doesn't care for this weather; he wouldn't even go out this morning because it was raining. I didn't worry because he's been out at 4 AM, and he did fine today. But I love rainy days and nights. I love to sit inside and listen to the rain fall on the roof. I love to curl up with the cats and some tea and a book while it rains outside. And I love to go to sleep listening to it. I'll enjoy this week if Jethro lets me.
So think about your little family, snug and warm and dry and listening to the spring rain fall outside. Except for the dog, we're pluviophiles all. He needs some reassurance that the rain isn't going to hurt him. Silly creature. I hope the storms hold off until daybreak. Come and listen to the rain with us if you can. We miss you.
Your damp and happy wife,

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