Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Of Work & Windows

Dear John,
Spring has arrived. I'm sleeping with the windows open tonight. It got up to 67 today and will only go down to 50. So the windows are open and we are all very happy about it. The cats are in the windowsills and the dog is barking at every little noise outside.
I went back to work today and felt much better than I have for the last week. And I so enjoyed being there. It is an amazing thing to have a job that I enjoy! I'm still coughing stuff up, but it's getting lighter and less. I think Joe's steroid routine is going to work well for me. I'm glad I had to go to him instead of the asthma people - I've learned something new that will make treatment easier for me.
It was warm enough today that we got Charley to turn on the air conditioning instead of the heat. I had the fan on in the drive-up and drove home with the car windows down. And I opened the house as soon as I got in the door. It was good to eat dinner by an open window.
Eating, however, wasn't good. Nothing has tasted normal for the last week. I don't know if it's the infection or the drugs, but everything taste nasty, including water. This is good because it's keeping me from eating very much. You know that steroids usually make me want to eat everything that isn't nailed down. But nothing tastes good. The best thing I've had lately is grilled cheese sandwiches, so that's my staple until the last of the bronchitis is gone.
I'm working all day tomorrow - my schedule was changed because of Good Friday. I'll be there all day Thursday and work 1-6 on Friday. And I'm off the weekend, which I will probably need. I feel better, but not back to normal yet. Don't worry - I'll try to take it easy. I can't do the things I need and want to do because of the broken elbow. It's delaying the yard work, drat it.
But I'm feeling better, and I'm thankful. My sprained wrists are healing nicely, the hip feels fine, and the broken elbow never did hurt. My cough is decreasing and I'm breathing much better. When you've felt lousy, it just feels so good to feel normal again, doesn't it? You know that so well. And I'm happy for you that you're all healed and healthy now, no more pain or tiredness, no asthma or heart failure, no more IVs or chemo or blood tests. All of that is over for you. I really am happy for you that you're at home in Heaven. I miss you and I'd love to have you here if you were healthy. But I wouldn't for anything in the world have you back and sick again. I love you too much for that.
And, since I'm getting better, it appears that I won't be joining you any time soon. Again, drat it. But we are never separate. We're joined even though apart. I'll come to you when it's time. Until then, leave the light on.
Waiting for my turn,

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