Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sleeping with the Windows Open

Dear John,
I did it. I left the windows open last night. They weren't open much, just an inch or two at the top. But I could hear the birds and feel the breeze, and it was wonderful. The temperature went down into the low 40s, but when I got up it was 61 in the house so we were quite comfortable. And I still have the flannel sheets, one German shepherd, and three cats on the bed for warmth. It was lovely. You know how much I love to snuggle down under the blankets with just my nose sticking out to sniff the cool breeze. I opened the windows wide this morning, but  it will be chilly again tonight so I've closed the them down again to that inch or two. Starting tomorrow night we'll have lows around 50 and I can leave them open wider. It's quite an occasion, the first night of the year to leave the windows open.
We had a strange day at work. The drive-up was closed for them to pour the foundation of the drive-up for the new building, but I had a busy day anyway. It turns out there were some benefit events held over the weekend. So I spent the day processing benefit deposits. And they all did very well - this community is so generous. It's a delight to see how giving the people here are to those in need. Have I mentioned lately that I love living here? I know you were concerned when we moved here about how I'd do in such a small town, having grown up in Atlanta and all. And I love everything about it. Somehow Mama brought me up to be a small-town girl like she was. The fact that I love living here always made her think she'd done something right.

It's dark and quiet outside now. Jethro is asleep at the foot of your side of the bed, Hunter is spread out over my ankles, Abby and Maggie are dozing at the living room windows. I'll say my prayers and then we'll all go to sleep. As always, we'll miss having you to cuddle with. But you're probably glad to be there instead of here - you wouldn't want the windows open until the nights get a bit warmer. I, on the other hand, love having them open in this weather. Enjoy being warm and comfortable tonight, while I enjoy feeling the cool breeze and listening to the birds. Sleep well and dream of me.

Adore you,

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