Friday, April 10, 2015

Theoretical Friday

Dear John,
Theoretically, it's Friday. Only theoretically.
We had a slow day at work, probably because this is the end of spring break week. The new, reconfigured drive-up opened today. It's improvised, but so much better than the old one! Duane really worked with us to build what we need, and it's much more efficient. Today I got the okay to have a shelf up on one wall. You know me - when you need storage space, go up. That should give us a lovely little drive-up area to hold us until the new building is finished.
When we lost the old drive-up, we  lost the walk-up. So, starting today, the lobby is open from 5-6 on Fridays. That way we can take care of the Amish customers as well as the ones with cars. Now we will need to have three people work late every Friday instead of two, and Danielle came up with a great way to schedule it. The people who work late come in at 9:00 instead of 7:30. We don't need everybody there that early, and it makes a nine-hour day instead of an eleven-hour one. I told Charley that I was much more alert for that last hour than I usually am. The feedback is good. This is going to work.
After work I went to Goshen for Al's viewing. I got to see everybody except the girls, who will be coming in later. The funeral is tomorrow morning while I'm at work, so I'll miss it. But I'm glad I could make it to the viewing. From there I went by Taco Bell and got a dollar tostado and a free senior drink - I love getting free senior drinks - then came home to four anxious animals. They weren't alone any longer than usual, but they knew I wasn't home at my usual time and they didn't like it. Poor Jethro has struggled with me leaving ever since you went to work one day and never came back. I fed them and played with them, and now they're all spread out waiting for me to turn the light off.
Tomorrow will be busy. After work I need to make my monthly Goshen run - Meijer and Petco and the co-op, and the farmers market if I can get there before it closes. And I'll go to Lowe's and get a new water heater, and leave it for Bob to pick up with his truck. Ah, the joys of home ownership!
So that was my strange Friday. Except that I skipped the Netflix, here it is. Par-tay!
Adore you,

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