Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Midnight Wild Goose Chase

Dear John,
Jethro is at it again.
Can I keep him?
I had a pretty average day until almost midnight. I let the dog out and was dismayed to hear that bark-whine of his that means, "Mommy, come quick! Something's wrong!" He was at the back fence in the same place where he found Abby and Maggie. And when I went out to bring him in, I heard cat noises from Janet's yard.
Thinking, as did the geraniums in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Oh no, not again," I got him inside and went back out with the flashlight. I didn't hear any more mewing. I checked our yard, the fence, Janet's yard, under the bushes, everywhere. I never found a kitten. It may have been one of the older feral cats that like to torment the dog. But he usually reserves his distress signal for kittens who are in actual distress.
I'll check again tomorrow in daylight. And in clothes. I was out wandering both of our yards in my nightgown and slippers, shining the flashlight all around. It's a wonder nobody called the police. The neighbors either know that I'm harmless or they were all asleep. Or both.
I'll let you know if Jethro has acquired another cat. I rather hope not. But if there is a kitten out there in distress, I want to find it. German shepherds are so fierce, aren't they? You can be proud of your dog.
Love from our little animal shelter,
Joan .

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