Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm Telling on You

Dear John,
First, I have to tell you: You know how side mirrors have that little note on them about objects in the rear view mirror? (Now try not to hum Meatloaf.) Today I saw a vintage Corvette with a side mirror that said, "Objects in the rear view mirror are losing." I love it.
I've connected with Bob and Tira on Facebook, bless it, and I'm enjoying them so much. Their anniversary was a few weeks back and that got me thinking about their wedding. There were things going on behind the scenes that they never knew about.
I know you remember this. They both worked for you - that's where they met. And it turned out that their wedding and honeymoon were going to coincide with the rolling out of pan pizza. I don't remember your area supervisor's name - was it Jack? But I'll never forget that he came to you and demanded that you force them to change their wedding date. You, of course, refused. He threatened to fire you and you told him to go ahead. He didn't, but you were in disfavor as long as you were there. He did manage to keep you from going to the wedding and you worked over eighty hours the week they were gone. And I was never prouder of you.
That was a line in the sand for you, the assumption that Pizza Hut was the most important thing in the lives of your employees, even more important than their marriage. You took the stand you did with no doubt, hesitation, or concern. If he had fired you, that wouldn't have upset you at all. And that is one reason that your employees always loved you through all your restaurant-management years. They trusted you. They knew you had their backs.
Now I'm going to do something you'll like even less that me getting three cats: I'm going to tell Bob and Tira. Deal with it. I think it's time they knew. Nobody but me ever knew and I know you don't want credit for doing what was so obviously the right thing. But I'm telling. So there. You always did the right thing without any thought or concern for consequences, and I love you for that. Now some other people can love you for it, too.
Adore you,


  1. OH he was a special man! That is what a boss should be. Bravo

    1. Yes, he was. I was so proud of him always, but especially for this. And until now, nobody has ever known.