Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moats & Memorials

Dear John,
Today I worked the slowest four hours of my working life. This is western Ascension Day so most of the town is closed. I had nineteen transactions in four hours. I'm certain we will pay for it tomorrow.
When I got there at 1:00 I had to cross a moat to get inside. They were running electrical conduit to the new building site and had a trench across the north and west sides of the building. So I jumped the moat with no damage done except some dirt in my shoes. It was finished and covered by 5:00. Tomorrow the framing should start.

Last night I opened my Origami Owl order and got my lockets put together. One is about me and what I'm interested in and one is for you. The one with the blue rim is about me. It has an RN symbol, a dog paw and a cat paw, a lighthouse, knitting needles and a ball of yarn, and the purple butterfly that is the fibromyalgia symbol. The black bead is because I'm a widow.
The black locket is about you. It has the word "love," a cross, a white daisy like the ones I carried on our wedding day, and a giraffe to represent my Widow Friends Forever. The blue bead means an eternal promise.
I really like both of them, and hope you like them too. You're a part of both of them because you're a part of me. Like Glenda said years ago, you can't unscramble an egg. You and I are thoroughly scrambled and there is no figuring out where one of us ends and the other one starts. There is no part of me or my life that you haven't touched.
So now you're in my jewelry, too - enjoy! It's my way of commemorating and making another memorial. You know I've always had a need to do that. I do hope you like this one.
Love you forever and ever,

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