Sunday, May 3, 2015

Superwidow Takes a Nap

Dear John,
I handled the issue of needing a crane to get out of bed this morning by sleeping past noon. Problem solved.
I took today as a fibro crash day. I slept a good deal, did one load of laundry, took the dog for a walk. It was a beautiful day - sunny and near 80. The nights should stay warm enough now that I can stop closing the house at bedtime. I may have used the furnace for the last time until fall. And tonight I brought the fan up from the basement, the one that I use in the bedroom at night. I really need to get an estimate on having an attic fan put in but the roof has to come first. Maybe I can do that next year. This year I'm replacing the furnace, water heater, and roof. That's probably enough, don't you think?
And I'm being such a big girl and taking care of all of it. I know you and Mama are proud of me. I told somebody that Mama would come back and haunt me if I hired anyone to put in that water heater for me. And she would, too! I'm just being what she brought me up to be and what you saw and wanted in a wife. And I am very grateful to both of you for teaching and encouraging me to be an independent, strong-minded, smart-mouthed woman.
That, however, does not preclude knowing my limits. Superwidow is taking care of a fibro flare and is going to bed now. As Paul Simon said, tomorrow is going to be another working day and I'm just trying to get some rest. Even Superwidows need sleep!
Wish I was sleeping with you,

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